DualEdge® Technology
Tuesday, June 06, 2023


DualEdge Technology

VEKA Outdoor Living Products is proud of it’s VEKA Green initiative for extruded PVC Profiles, DualEdge®, ECO Layer Extrusion Technology.

Since 1971, VEKA has been a premium supplier of PVC profiles. For years, European corporations have been at the forefront of the closed material life cycle for sustainable products and VEKA is no exception. Since the launch of our Outdoor Living Products Division, VEKA has focused on sustainability initiatives by using in-house mixed color, pre-consumer, reclaimed PVC for agricultural post & rail, as well as extruded packaging containers and liners.

DualEdge® Eco Layer profiles are VEKA's first introduction of this reclaimed material into the marketplace. The dual layers consist of VEKA's high performance, weatherable PVC outer shell, along with our in-house captured PVC substrate. By insuring that the highest quality ingredients are blended into the formulation, VEKA can guarantee that DualEdge® will exceed industry standards.

As a result of proven performance, DualEdge® comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Environmental awareness is a focus of all VEKA facilities worldwide, the catalyst being a PVC recycling plant in Germany, operated exclusively by VEKA.

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